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Johannesburg Bridge Club

  • Looking for a partner for this evening - any volunteers?

    tel 082 800 8211

    James Grant

The Links Bridge Club

  • William  Smith 6432

    Looking for partner for Saturdays.

    Last played  2018/01/06 Section D and came thired.

    Phone 011 608 4925

    Cell 084 764 9062


    William Smith

  • My regular partner is away about 50% of the time. Hence I am looking for a regular partner to play at The Links and to participate in red point events.

    My basic bidding system: 5-card majors, strong NT, Club approach.

    Bidding conventions: Puppet Stayman, 4-way transfers, Bergen raises, Drury, RKCB, Various doubles, Multi 2D, Strong 2H/S openings...

    Signals: Odds/Evens, attitude/count, Leads ala Kantar

    My personal outlook: Not set in concrete, willing to learn & adapt...Bridge is a game that we play to enjoy.

    Values: Courtesy, politeness, respect...

    Contact me if you are interested. I envisage starting off by exchanging some documentation. If we are more-or-less "on the same page" we can play together a few times to see "how it goes".

    Hmmm...Only on rare occasions have I had the privilege of playing with a female bridge partner. Is it perhaps time for a change?

    Looking forward to your response!

    Hans Lombard

    Tel (061) 718-0315     Email: [email protected]

    Hans Lombard

Wanderers Bridge Club

  • tell me more about this

    Ros Phillips

  • Hi Ros! Congratulations on being the first to try out the Wall, what you stick up here is only limited by your imagination.....

    James Grant